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Our Story







A Design & Etching Service Company who Create Unique Gifts in Glass.

Glass creations for special occasions.

What is the one philosophy that created Ourglass ? We believed that there should be one place where you could go to find a unique gift for someone special. Every piece of glass that leaves our studio is a combination of design ideas created in conjunction with the clients' requirements. We are glass workers, we hand craft glass into designs that represent artistic forms, be they natural themes, figurative themes or items found in the environment. By their incorporation in the design they transfer a personal touch to the created piece. It is our glass !

Where we began

Steve Hyams began working in glass over 30 years ago and as a child created his unique models in the only medium available to him then, Plasticine. He was surrounded by personal items of craftwork that had been created by his family many years before which first caught his interest in 3D sculptures..

After graduation Steve began the slow process of learning all he could about the properties of glass and how to handle it in the molten form. In a few years he learned the art of creating wildlife and unique items that he found people requested for their own collections and there began the nucleus of a thriving business.

In 1971 he began the Ourglass business as a full-time venture first in Reading, U.K. and 2 years later moved it to larger studio workshop premises in Manchester, UK from where it has continued to supply glassware throughout the world

What makes OURGLASS the best glassware?

There are so many places you could go to buy gifts, even glass gifts. We've gone to extraordinary efforts to ensure that Ourglass is your best choice. We do the design work in conjunction with you. We create the item in glass. We create the artwork to represent the designs you require. We engrave the glass using our in-house techniques and it's not finished until you give the final approval.